Time in Transit

Commuting through London has influenced my recent work’s concept, aesthetics and choice of materials. In big cities we spend a record amount of time in transit, which can create a feeling of detachment from our surroundings. My jewellery and objects symbolize the need to re-connect and counteract this sense of distancing. My current work consists mainly of jewellery and objects made of concrete and horse hair (which in Roman times was added to the concrete mix in order to strengthen it).

I am fascinated by how a material, such as concrete normally associated with huge structures, can be so tactile and sensitive at the same time. This inspired me to create a series of brooches referencing classical jewellery shapes using an unlikely material such as concrete.

On a more conceptual level I have played with the idea of my jewellery being part of our surroundings and, through the action of pulling and wrapping, bringing it closer to us until we actually can wear it. Literally, pulling the outside in.

My series Traces consists of pendants, which are vessel and brush at the same time. In a sense this is the reverse of pulling the outside in – but much more it is my way of going back for a closer look at specific places that flashed by on my daily commute. In going back I take time to explore each place through mark-making. The brushes, and in some pieces the graphite lead, also have an aesthetic quality resembling large-scale construction work, as well as being a testimony to my love of drawing.

Caroline Holt, May 2010